6/29/06 - Quizno's Fork

Well, I decided that I wanted a salad for lunch this afternoon and Quizno's happened to be on my way back from the doctor's office. Although I had never had a salad from Quizno's before, I have recently seen the advertisements for their flatbread salads. I do believe that in those ads, they mention something along the lines of finally eating a salad with a real fork. Well, I had no idea what they were referring to until I opened up my bag of food back at the office. Most places (at least every place I've ever eaten it) provide you with a plastic knife, fork, spoon or spork based on your order. Quizno's took that a step further, and I got a full blown metal fork with my meal. It was wrapped exactly like any other plasticware I've ever gotten, with the exception of it being made of metal. I'm not going to say that this fork is top of the line flatware, but it's good enough that I'm going to wash it and use it again.

So for anyone out there looking for new silverware, just head up to your local Quizno's and order a few of these salads.


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