6/6/06 - Cristi's Accident

On 5/16/2006, Cristi had a car accident and she's fine. You can see the damage done to her car in the pictures below.

I can't begin to describe how much of a headache it's been for the both of us. First of all, the driver of the truck did not have insurance of his CDL. Because of this, our insurance has to pay for everything and anything above and beyond our insurance coverage comes out of our pockets. For this reason alone, i was very intersted in suing the trucking company (Vaughn Farms if you are interested) to pay for the mileage we had to put on the new Tahoe because of the lack of a vehicle, cost of a rental car (over what our insurance covers) and just the hassle they caused. I tried contacting two lawyers, neither of them called me back, I gave Marcus Vaden a week to call me back and then called Bush and Rasmussen. After a week, I called them back and FINALLY talked to someone today. They informed me that they only dealt with personal injury cases so I was not eligible to be a client. If anyone has any information or suggestions on how to go about suing this company, please let me know. Other than that, I could spend several pages writing about how I have lost all hope that other people can take care of things without constantly harrasing them with phone calls and other means of communication.

If you've got any more questions or just want to hear more about it...or...if you have information on how to get a hold of a good lawyer, I'm all ears (or eyes), just send me an email.
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